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Saturday, August 28th, 2004

Time:12:32 pm.
On 27th August 2004 was a day that has achieved my life's most climax moment, that is to say, it totally renewed my faith towards God and how God had planned to strenghten our friendship between each other and the lesson that i learnt
from joy to meloncholy, from amazing atmosphere to almost im-dying atmosphere...

around 7:40pm, i arrived at the spot at MyPlace Apartment and there were already a few peeps there setting up the fire, burning the charcoal,preparin food,music were blasting but i just felt this unpleasant feelings from them, and one of them gave me a fake"hi", but screw her, i sat beside derrick instead and i felt like a voracious dog, hadnt been eating for the whole day, so i decided to grab a drink and a few fishballs that were on the table, but heh, the drink pissed me off a little, i drank a cup of coke and someone came over to warn me not to finish it duh* , as if i could finish that whole damn thing, even if i could, i would definitely get a new one for ya, but

luckily Evelyn was there and she asked me to go for a walk, and i did, with Suleka and we kinda shared a bit from other ppl we dont like, yeh that would be gossiping already but nah, i was trying to express my feelings towards how i felt that night. Anyway we walked around the apartment and got back to our spot , Evon was already there that moment, so i talked to her, and listened to her boyfriend problem while waiting for the BBQ , so yep ate one, another one, and another one, a few sausages, fish, potato and a many cups of drinks( yeh sounds voracious aint it)

and we took some pictures in between by the photo capture master derrick, and i felt much more better than when i first stepped on the spot, and ppl started to finished up all their food and derrik had his own stupid plan, throwing water balloon at us while we werent aware of him, darn it lol so i came up with the plan to throw him into the pool , melissa planned to talk to him beside the pool , and we grab him by the hands and legs and threw him there the sad thing is, i pushed matthew into the pool too, he hurt his finger, aww darn it, i felt bad but it was fun setting him up too

and yeah something really bad happened when all of us were having fun, adeline was practically dancing and jumping around after she drank the bottle vodka, but everything turned into a disaster, a nightmare for her after receiving a call from her sister saying that the mom has passed away... it shocked everyone , she was screaming and crying saying that her mom has passed away bcoz of a sudden heart attack, as if she couldn't take it anymore, like she was going to commit suicide in any sec, my goodness it cant be described, too scary...we all were there for, really had to sent her home,
we were all traumatized, and decided to sit together to share, and to calm ourselves down, sighh, everything turned into a total nightmare,
so i started to pray in tongues, i talked to God, i really talked to Him, and God is good Amen, we got a sms later from adeline saying that it was her grandma who passed away..
it was the sister who read the sms that the father sent her saying that "mama has passed away, come back to kuantan now"
and she thought it was mother, when it actually meant grandma!
hmmm.... so much for the happy ending eh?
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Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

Time:4:17 pm.
Mood: good.
havent been updating my journal these few days..just didnt few like it and i'm not sure of wut to type and it's not like i have to type all the shits in here ... nevermind.

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Friday, August 15th, 2003

Subject:i'm too full
Time:7:21 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
awwww i was out for the whole day, after school me and my buddies went out to have pizzas at the shopping mall while getting my friend a birthday present. but the pizzas really make me wanna puke now..i'm too full and i have eaten more than enough of it.
not to mention the smell of cheesy crust pizzas ..ewwww

oh yes..right after we were done with our lunch we went to take some sticker photos inside the electronic game shop and yeah it was really cool since we havent been taking photos together for a fucking long time. and yea. it's time to take some and keep it as a remembrance coz we're leaving to different countries soon and we might not be able to see each other anymore *sniff*

we didnt do much shopping coz we were running outta time and we had to go home since it's already late in the afternoon..so yeah..no special shits happen today..i'm just so sleepy right now ..that must be from those hardwork i've put in today ( i've been doing Maths the whole day in school while trying to figure out and solve those difficult questions) @_@

too blank to type now, later .
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Thursday, August 14th, 2003

Subject:my hand hurtsss!!!!!!!
Time:4:18 pm.
Mood: miserable.
awww..it is a fact that i hate going to school!!!!
i've been skipping school for 2 days now and i love being at home (sleeping)...it's really my hobby and i'd rather stay at home than going somewhere else.
anyway some shit happened to me when i was in my school's cafeteria today. As usual, i always go to the cafeteria during the 1st break and fer today..i bought a cup of HOT coffee which really made me think it was a total disaster. god damn it all of a sudden a girl was pushing me from the back while i was holding that fucking coffee. it spilled and burnt my hand..you could imagine everyone was like staring at you and saying something like "OMG LOOK AT HER!""AWWW WHAT A POOR THING" "WOW!" shits and all..i was pretty pissed off at that time and at the same time my hand was like burning and it was all red..i even thought my hand has been boiled and i could rip those skins off.Anywho, I turned around and it happened to be my friend whom i just met a few months ago and what she wanted to do was to say hi..(but the way she said it was a lil' umm..too rude and she didnt realise i was holding a cup of coffee) so she was turning all red (so did i) and she kept on apologizing, heh what's the point..it had already burn my hand so all my other friends were like trying to help me out by handling me some tissues and wiped my hand and all.while the others looked at me like i'm some kinda alien from jupiter or something.SHIT i fucking hate that..it's not that i'm pissed off bcoz of what she did..but i'm fucking pissed off bcoz that happened to ME and i dont like it when everyone stared at you like it was such a big deal.it's kinda embarrassing you know...but i dont care..its over now and i'll try not to remember it. duh*
like i said earlier..i dont like going to school and what i have realised or noticed or figured out today is that my best friend( who's kinda FAT and twice my size) is having a crush on me! ARGGHH that really sucks..i really have no idea how that happened..i thought we were just friends..and i really dont like it the way he talks or treats me nowdays..it's different and i have a phobia like..when someone i dont like is having a crush on me..i really dont know what to do..whether i should pretend like nothing happen( which i couldnt) or try to ignore him and not be friends again.
he calls me up everyday. but i really feel that he's bugging me a lot which is so damn annoying and it irritates me.
so umm..i'm so miserable right now pfffttt

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Monday, August 11th, 2003

Time:8:42 pm.
Mood: energetic.
woohooo i managed to skip classes during the last 2 periods! and i went out without even getting the guards' attention..simply because students in the science streme who drop Biology subject can go home at 1:10pm every Monday. so me and another friend of mine,Audrey pretended like we're those students and got our ass outta the school as fast as possible.
the reason i escaped was because i was too sick of staying at school without having any classes.apparently the teachers were handling back our exam papers(which i did very badly this term) and i wouldnt even wanna look at my grades! and another reason was because i was too sleepy to stay in the class and i wanted to go home.i thought i had enough sleep the night before which i was wrong and got up with swollen and circled eyes damn i hate that. so i was kinda excited to leave school when my audrey said she has got a car. and there! we went to our favourite spot to grab some ABC we called it and then we went to Net Studio(an internet cafe) since audrey wanted to check her mail. blah blah..half an hour later we had to go back since my dad was waiting for me at school at 3:20pm. i pretended to walked out from the class and got in the car and went back home :P
9pm it's time for me to watch american wedding(been dying to watch it)
so. later
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Friday, August 8th, 2003

Time:5:28 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
Alrighty exam is gonna be over soon and i'm over it.I didnt study at all for this term though.Dont ask me why, i dont even know why i acted this way..have been slacking all this term and wasnt paying much attention in class so I guess i just HATE to study and i'm so tired of it.it's like i'm wasting my time going to school and dont even know what i have learned.
oh talking bout exams..definitely there's cheating...who doesn't cheat, huh?
i have been cheating since 1,2,3,4,5 well for 5 years now since Grade 8 =D I have developed all the cheating skills and i think it's exciting ..think bout the whole process when you cheat..it gets you all nervous and sweaty trying to pretend like nothing happen. but on the evil side heh..you know what happens.. mostly everyone cheats in our school..well only geeks dont.
Lemme try to think of what are the cheating skills that i have learned since Grade 8.
hmm writing formulas on the table, write it on a piece of tissue with very small handwriting (basically u need a very small handwriting trying to squeeze everything in it and toss it back to the tissue packet then during exam moment.take it out like it's really the tissue that you need..but when you notice that the teacher is coming,turn you tissue packet another way round so it would look all white), writing on my water bottle, writing on my palms , and peek to ur left or right whenever possible (you need to have a good timing when peeking), write it on the ruler( you need to buy a type of transparent tape and stick onto it so u can see) , i've even tried to swap my exam paper with my friend( this is super risky, if u're caught doing so..u're in the blacklist. Of course i've been caught cheating several times too but as far as i know, i'm never in serious troubles since they always give a second chance( my parents dont even know bout it til today).
The feeling was fucked the moment you were caught , you'll be wondering whether you'll get zero for this paper or got blacklisted or if the teacher would tell your parents..but that was history anyway.
I dont cheat as much as i did in grade 10 now days. as i'm getting older things get bored :P so it's time for a change and try to give it a very best shot!
k..enough of those crap..
gonna go eat now bye

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003

Subject:i'm a newbie
Time:6:43 pm.
Mood: pleased.
Having to signed up this live journal thingie was so difficult!I didnt know there were like so many procedures to fill in this and that and i'm having a hard time learning to use or edit whatever shit i want ..but i still manage to edit this very 1st journal of mine anyhow..
i dont even know why i signed this thing up..probably because a few days back when i was trying to search something in yahoo and there was a link from livejournal related to my topic..i guess i just simply clicked it and it happened to be from a girl's journal called Neda and there..it all started there and it's really interesting to read someone's journal especially when u're super-bored!..so yeah..i signed up eventually..
But before that i've heard of this live journal thingie, thankx all to Felix(a very good net friend of mine from Australia)..but i guess i wasnt interested in it that time when he asked me to sign up..
okay..that's enough for a start ..will try to update it whenever possible!

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LiveJournal for charlene.

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